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Open the email you received and click the REDEEM NOW button.

You will be sent to our Subscription Center website and the REDEEM YOUR GIFT window will appear.

The redemption code field should already be loaded with your code if you clicked the button from your email, otherwise you can enter it manually. Click REDEEM GIFT.

Fill out your first and last name, shipping address and click Submit.

Explore your online account and look forward to receiving your first issue by mail or digitally depending on your membership level. If you have any questions about your online account, please browse our How-To Guides here.

If you did not receive an email confirming your gift subscription containing your redemption code, please ensure to check your SPAM folder. The sender is [email protected] and the Subject line is “A Gift For You! Subscription to The Hockey News”.

If you still cannot find the email, please contact our customer service team to receive your unique redemption code.


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If you have any questions regarding your account or subscription, please browse our How-To Guides and FAQ section.
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